Reno/Sparks Personal Computer Repair

First computer’s, ATT PC 6300 1986-87, first “laptop” Radio Shack TRS 80 I was employed by Montgomery Ward as the automotive detail clerk.

Basically 90% of my job comprised of shop work order tracking. I made my first attempt at building a data base, unsuccessfully, I was promoted to a group merchandiser’s position and was part of the Nixdorf computer POS implementation team, first application and data entry exp.

My first “real” tech job was at Technology Associates, our mantra, “Computers that kick butt at prices that don’t suck,” it po’d the school district, numerous parents and general moralists, but in the end, it worked. We through the able leadership of people like Thomas Hoops and Derry Bryson, the founders of Tech Ass, we were the biggest and most trusted computer store in Reno for 2 years or so. Tom and Derry are around and can be found at

“The Voice,” in 2001 a long time business and friend of my mother, Dr. Eddie Floyd, asked if I could help out with some computer problems at several of his business’s. I hired on as a network administrator for US Realty and Nevada Matters Broadcasting. Eddie’s show, Nevada Matters was big at the time with guests ranging from prominent local people to national, “Leaders.”  Senator Harry Reid, Sen. Candidate Sharron Angle, then Secretary of State Dean Heller, Mayors Bob Cashell and the late great honorable Tony Armstrong of Sparks, etc. I actually was the co-host of a show for several months with Sharron Angle called, Sharron’s Angle.

And then there was one of the most gratifying moments in my life.

I had the opportunity to interview, together, Adam West and Dawn Wells.
Yes, I looked him in the eye and firmly shook the hand of Batman and then as 
if in a dream, I gently took the hand of Maryann and kissed it. I haven’t washed since. Proving that a Friday night bath is just a waste of time and water.
And I got the autograph.

An agent at US Realty, John Christensen approached me in May of 2003 and made me an offer I could not refuse.
I was the network administrator of Sage Hawk development and 3 other satellite offices in the Reno area and Silver Springs, phenomenal pay and lots of perks sucked me in, real estate and manufactured housing sales and the associated business practices drove me out, the housing bubble bursting offering me a good push on the way.

I decided to start my own business again, hence Computer Sparks. I figured that with the mass proliferation of information technology and the even more massive influx of people unsure what to do with a computer other than browsing the Internet.

I am not the answer to every computer problem. The best computer to buy is found where ever the lowest price can be had. They are basically all the same thing with different features. The important part is what kind of support do you get after you buy it.

I will always steer my customers in the direction that I believe is best for them. If I don’t know the answer to a problem then I will gladly send you to some one that does. I also will stand behind not only my work but any warning I give regards to scams, over charging or generally unethical practices that I am aware of or have been exposed to in the IT industry.

My credentials are not confusing or un-verifiable. I have a CompTia A+ Certification, TMCC NET+ certificate of completion, a Sparks, Nevada business license, 15 plus years of support of PC’s and more than 25 years of customer service experience. A passion.

Stefan Putnam 775.356.8400